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Thinking about coming to watch the races?

Kennebec River

Racers will launch from the bottom of the stairs at Harris Station, the put-in for the Kennebec River. Racers will be exiting the water at Carry Brook. Essentially there are three places on the river that you can observe from. One is the put-in. However, please be respectful and mindful of commercial outfitters and private boaters that are trying to use this area. They do have the right of way. Please do not crowd the main path from the stairs to the water. If you would like to watch racers paddling whitewater, the best viewing is achieved by a 30-45 minute hike into Magic Falls, a class IV section of the Kennebec. Take the road into Carry Brook, just before the parking lot on the right is the trail head. Park at Carry Brook and hike in, expect some muddy terrain if it’s been a wet year. Lastly. there is good viewing from the top of the Carry Brook stairs or at the bottom. It is extremely important not to clog the stairs or the area between the stairs and the river at the bottom. This is an emergency evacuation point for the river, and it does get used.

West Branch of the Penobscot

The Penobscot offers excellent viewing. Events take place at Big Poc rapid and the upper Gorge / Cribworks section. There are hiking trails to excellent viewing spots of both rapids. During BoaterX at Big Poc parking is limited, do not block roads, driveways or park on private property. During Time Trials through Gorge / Crib the most ideal location is to park in the lot near Telos Rd bridge and hike down towards the whaling wall along the left hand side of the river. There are several rock ledges here with excellent views of the “Crib Works” and the finish line of the race. Where the Telos Road crosses the river there is a small parking area. The race will finish at the bottom of Crib Works, however racers will paddle on after the race to the take out at Big Eddy.

Please, the Golden Road is a high traffic, privately owned, working road. Large logging equipment and other commercial vehicles such as busses, trucks with raft trailers, etc,… travel this road regularly. Keep vehicles OFF the Golden Road, do not loiter or delay at any time in the road. If you need to park alongside the road make sure your vehicle is WELL OFF THE ROAD. Thank You!

Everyone is welcome to join us for all race parties and awards ceremonies. If you are heading to the Kennebec race be sure to stick around for “Huckfest” (<– click for video) on Sunday.


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